Friday, March 14, 2014

Favorite Food Friday: Earl of Sandwich Caribbean Jerk

Welcome to another Favorite Food Friday hosted by the devilish Disney Day by Day!

You guys may remember my first Earl of Sandwich review of the Full Montagu and the Original 1762 (and the Coronet Cakes): here.  

Well when Sarah of the Eating WDW blog started participating in the Eat Each Sandwich challenge, I knew I had to join in as well!  I also reviewed the Chicken Chipotle Avocado Sandwich (and their chocolate chip cookie), the All American Sandwich (plus oatmeal mini cookies), and the Earl Club Sandwich (plus chocolate and vanilla cupcakes)! 

I also managed to squeeze in the Holiday Turkey Sandwich before I changed jobs and was no longer a mere 10 minute walk from the sole Earl of Sandwich in my area.  And the Hawaiian BBQ Sandwich and the Italian!

This time I tried the Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich on wheat.  I feel like I might prefer their wheat to their white bread maybe?  Even though the bread looks burnt - it was just that the wheat is dark and toasted.  

As usual with Earl (at least the one I go to on 53rd and 6th), the sandwich was oversauced.  Do they do this because they think they can get away with extra sauce due to the bread being toasted?  I don't know.  But I'm considering asking for light sauce or sauce on the side next time. 

The chicken tasted processed.  Like those Perdue Short Cuts packs you get at the supermarket.  And despite what looked like a lot of peppers bringing some color and spice to the sandwich, they didn't provide much kick.  I could barely taste the "jerk" and there was almost no heat at all.

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  1. I haven't tried that sandwich, but it does look good! Too funny that we're both posting about Earl this week. I wish was within walking distance of one. But, then it wouldn't be a novelty anymore, I guess.

  2. You keep making me hungry with Earl! :) I haven't tried this one. I think being that close would cause me to gain some weight. Thanks for joining the hop this week!

  3. Now I wish I was Downtown Disney for lunch! I haven't tried this sandwich yet. Thanks for the review!

  4. I don't think I'd like this particular sandwich, but that Italian sandwich you mentioned sounds like something I need to try!

  5. I seriously need to try EVERYTHING on their menu... I think that in April I am setting a goal of tasting the majority of their offerings