Thursday, May 31, 2012

Great Blog Post on Love

It makes me sad that we need posts like these.  That we need to articulate why acceptance and kindness is important and necessary.  But for now I think we do.  Check out this great post over at WDW Not Just For Kids.  I agree with her 100%!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: S'more Brownie

Welcome to another Nearly Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Thanks to the InfoMouse and to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting!

On our way out of Epcot, my friend B, wanted to grab a snack/light meal she could eat in her car on her drive home (I was still staying at AKL).  What better place to find something light and portable than Sunshine Seasons!  Of course, while we were there I needed to pick up a snack for myself. 

I decided on the S'more Brownie (sweet and no frosting to get smushed) and took it back to AKL with me to enjoy there.  It is basically a round brownie (kind of in between cakey and chewy) with a marshmallow semi-melted on top and a light drizzle of chocolate.  

There was a small hint of graham cracker crumbs in/on the brownie, but not enough to make it taste anything like a s'more.   The marshmallow wasn't melted quite enough and the texture wasn't great either.  Maybe if it was warm and fresh it would have been better.  I can see how nuking it in a microwave would improve pretty much everything.  But then when does warm chocolate NOT improve things?

In the end, it was meh.  I would have been better off getting a cupcake from the beautiful display!  I'm not annoyed that I tried it, but I would never pick it again either.  

Live and learn!  Now hop on to the next stops!

Focused on the Magic

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Keep your phones close and your enemies closer

Guys, I love this story so much I want to marry it

Dumb criminals, Disney, the genius of Apple continues, what more could I want (okay fine, chocolate cake without calories and an overnight in Cinderella's Castle, but still).

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Earl of Sandwich (kind of)

While I've never gotten a chance to go to the location at Downtown Disney (although it IS on my bucket list), there is an Earl of Sandwich fairly close to me in NYC.

Tragically, they do not offer the legendary brownie frosting sandwiches (sigh), but I did get to check out their normal brownie.

It was good, not mindblowing. The appropriate amount of chewy. I could have taken a few more chocolate chips and/or icing or something to make it more decadent. But it hit the spot for $2.17 incl. tax.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Toy Story 2 almost disappeared before it even happened

This is quite the story - can you even imagine?  Someone (intentionally? accidentally?) started to delete the entire movie from the computer!  Basically a newborn baby saved the day too - how cute!

Here's the link:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Fish and Chips!

Welcome to another Nearly Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Thanks to the InfoMouse and to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting!

On my most recent solo trip, I met up with my college friend B for a day at Epcot.  Despite our mediocre (at best) breakfast at Chef Mickey's, we were hungry by the time we hit World Showcase.  Still, I had a large ADR for dinner looming, so I didn't want something too heavy for our lunch/snack.  We decided to hit the Yorkshire Country Fish Shop, which I hadn't been to before.

We each ordered a fish 'n' chips and settled down on a bench by the water.  It wasn't long before the birds attacked.  I felt like I was in a Hitchcock movie!!  Nevertheless, the fish was hot and crispy and the chips were super yum!  Sharing the moment with a friend (while we fended off avian predators) made it even more special.  :)

Focused on the Magic

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cool Article on the Disney "Brand"

Hey guys,

   I found this article on Disney's future interesting and I hope you do too!

"But lost in all the media speculation and Hollywood chatter about who might replace the recently defenestrated chairman is a larger question that must be on the minds of potential candidates: What does “Disney” mean in 2012?"

"And therein lies the rub both for the Walt Disney Company and its once-vaunted studios: Should Iger hire a studio chief merely suited for what the job has become (essentially a vehicle to distribute the intellectual property of others), or someone who can make the Disney Studios what it needs to become to remain a vital and relevant brand?"

Hope this sparks some interesting debates!

Princessly yours,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Sunshine Seasons Treats

Welcome to another Nearly Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  
Thanks to the InfoMouse and to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting! 

How about some yummy sweets from Sunshine Seasons.  I didn't taste test any of these guys but stay tuned for one Sunshine Seasons dessert I DID try out!

Focused on the Magic

Monday, May 7, 2012

Favorite Food Friday / Solo Trip Recap Part 7: Sanaa

Hi Guys!  I'm bringing back this post for Favorite Food Friday hosted by the distinctive Disney Day By Day!  Sanaa was one of the best meals I had on this solo trip.  Please enjoy!

On my very last night at Animal Kingdom Lodge (and seeing as how I don't think I can ever not stay at the Poly again, my last night ever as an AKL guest), I decided to close out the trip by trying the last of the AKL restaurants.  I had done Boma with my sister a year prior, and hit up Jiko earlier in the trip.  Now, it was time for Sanaa.

I made a last minute ADR which was pretty easy to get.  When I arrived, I immediately spotted the Hidden Mickey behind the check in desk. 

As an aside, the lobby of Kidani village feels more intimate and homey than the grand and impressive Jambo House lobby - which is in keeping with the idea of DVC I suppose.  Anyway, to the eats!

I first ordered the bread service and despite it being intended for two people, I made a really large dent in it (okay fine I could have finished the whole thing except that I was a little embarrassed and also wanted to make sure I had room for my entree). 

I choose the Naan, the Onion Kulcha, and the Paneer Paratha (my favorite I think - was filled with shredded cheese!), and the dips I selected were a Chutney (mango perhaps or tamarind?  it was too sweet and fruity to match the savory bread in my opinion), Cucumber Raita (I think this was my favorite), and the Red Chile Sambal.

Closeup of the inside of the yummy Paneer Paratha:

For my entree I chose from their "Slow Cooked in Gravy, Simple and Well Seasoned" menu (from right to left):
- Spicy Durban Chicken

- Five Grain Pilaf, and
- Beef Short Ribs

As promised by my waiter, the chicken was the surprise hit of the entree.  It was so rich and flavorful I actually thought I was eating the beef!  The beef was unimpressive, actually.  But no matter - I was happy with the bread service and the chicken. 

Close ups of the rice and chicken (the beef was not . . . photogenic up close):

And to top off the evening, as I was paying my check, I realized the couple sitting next to me were from  towns that neighbor my hometown!  A small world indeed!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday / Don't Tell Him, Carlos!

Guys, April was my most-viewed month EVER!
A HUGE thank you to everyone who's stopping by. 
I hope you enjoy it!  Keep reading and follow me!!

Welcome to another Nearly Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  Thanks to the InfoMouse and to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting! 

Where in the World could this be?  Post your guesses in the comments!

Focused on the Magic