Monday, March 19, 2012

Note to Self: Disney World To Do List

You may have read my Disneyland To Do List and my WDW bucket list.  Here is the running list I have going for things that are probably a little more achievable than some of the things on my bucket list.  I try to cross things off the list with each trip.  And yes, there will be some overlap between this and my bucket list, but I think of this as a more realistic "To Do" list than a "Bucket" list.  And yes, a lot of them revolve around food.  :)  Enjoy!
  • Magic Kingdom:
    • Pre-opening breakfast reservations at Crystal Palace
    • Riding the Jungle Cruise at night
    • Throw a coin in Cinderella's fountain for a special effect - the one by the walk way to Merida - nothing happened, need to try the one by BBB.
    • Lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table
    • The whole Kiss Goodnight
    • Even though I hate Splash Mountain (drops are a serious no)  
      • in the queue for Splash Mountain, listen as you pass by the little houses hanging in the trees -  some critters talk to each other, maybe even Chip and Dale 
      • As you pass Br’er Bear hanging from a tree, on the ground nearby there is a book entitled How To Catch A Rabbit, which Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox look to for instruction, written by Br’er Wolf.
      • Near the Zip-A-Dee Lady, one large cloud is in the shape of Mickey Mouseprojected onto the wall. You can see this from the Walt Disney World Railroad as you pass through Splash Mountain.
    • Cheshire Cake Cups (did vanilla and berry); still no mocha 4/15
    • Eat dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant - in all 3 of the rooms
  • Epcot
    • Opening ceremonies at Epcot (if any?) and Animal Kingdom 
      • Magic Kingdom was done on my last solo trip and Studios a couple times as it is necessary for TSM!
    • Veiled Maiden from the Kringla Bakeri in Norway
    • Okonomiyaki, from Katsura Grill
    • The brioche pressed ice cream sammiches in France! (salted caramel and chocolate done)
    • Mac N Cheese at Chefs de France
    • Studios
      • The Viewfinder menu (discontinued 4/15) at 50's Prime Time
      • After you exit the ToT library there are fuse boxes on the left side, pull the lever
      • The new macaroni and cheeses at Min and Bills
      • Try each and every cupcake at Starring Rolls and on my Cupcake Encyclopedia
        • Marble and Butterfinger are done already!
        • Red Velvet
        • A new chocolate cherry one!  I scooped AJ!
        • Peanut Butter Chocolate
    • Animal Kingdom
      • Camp Minnie Mickey (RIP) - Herb and Flora talking bushes
      • Dinoland Jeep behind which is a row of fossils in the wall that are musical COULDNT FIND THIS
      • Pippa the talking recycling bin at AK entrance
      • At end of Bugs life, look up and watch the bugs fly out COULDNT FIND THIS
      • The little dinosaur fountain- a dinosaur head that spits out water
      • Cretaceous trail
      • New Harambe Village
        • There are four quick-serve restaurants at Harambe Market. They all open with a ceremony that involves a speech by a local merchant and the ringing of a bell by a guest. (11am)
    • General/Out of Parks
      • Try each "tour" offered
        • Magic Kingdom Park
          • Disney's Family Magic Tour
          • Disney's Keys to the Kingdom Tour
          • Disney's The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour
          • Walt Disney: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour
          • The Ultimate Tour of Thrills (15% discount)
        • Epcot
          • Gardens of the World (offered seasonally)
          • The UnDISCOVERed Future World
          • Disney's Dolphins in Depth
          • Epcot DiveQuest
          • Epcot Seas Aqua Tours
          • Tea Tour during Flower and Garden
          • Treasures of Morocco Tour
        • Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park
          • Wild by Design
          • Backstage Safari
        • Multiple Theme Parks and Backstage Areas
          • Backstage Magic
          • Disney's Holiday D-Lights (offered seasonally)
          • Disney's Yuletide Fantasy (offered seasonally)
      • Grand Floridian
      • Brownie frosting sandwich at Earl of Sandwich 
        • Did at Disneyland but would do again
      • Jellyrolls
      • Chocolate and Neapolitan Kitchen Sinks
      • Butter Chicken at Sanaa
      • Bread pudding from Ohana (but I should try this again)
      • Boardwalk Bakery
        • Pull-apart brioche
        • Blackberry macaron
      • Use my Disney Visa points to make myself one of those custom charm bracelets  (need to add more)


    1. That's quite a list! I haven't heard of most of the foods - I don't think we spend enough time eating when we are at Disney! :)

      1. If you need assistance, I am certain I could help you with that! LOL :)