Monday, March 19, 2012

Note to Self: Disney World To Do List

You may have read my Disneyland To Do List and my WDW bucket list.  Here is the running list I have going for things that are probably a little more achievable than some of the things on my bucket list.  I try to cross things off the list with each trip.  And yes, there will be some overlap between this and my bucket list, but I think of this as a more realistic "To Do" list than a "Bucket" list.  And yes, a lot of them revolve around food.  :)  Enjoy!
  • Magic Kingdom:
    • Pre-opening breakfast reservations at Crystal Palace
      • Eat dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant - in all 3 of the rooms
      • The butterfly table in Skipper's Canteen
      • Dinglehopper noodles and Dream Big LM cake (limited time Nov 2019)
    • Epcot
      • Garden Grill
      • Spice Road Table
      • Cookie crunch brownie - Electric Umbrella (June 2019)
      • PB Brownie - Joffreys near Pin Traders in WS (July 2019)
      • Roule Lard et Fromage - Les Halles in WS
      • Tutto Gusto
      • Chocolate Caramel Brownie at Kringla Bakeri
      • Studios
        • Do Sci Fi again (milkshakes and desserts)
        • Toy Story Land at night
      • Animal Kingdom
        • New Harambe Village beef kabob flat bread
        • Expedition Everest at night
        • Opening announcement
        • Chocolate donut holes - Isle of Java
        • PB Brownie - Royal Anandapur Tea Co. (July 2019)
      • Typhoon Lagoon
        • Crush n Gusher
        • The mini donuts
      • General/Out of Parks
        • Stay at the Poly bungalow
        • Try each "tour" offered
        • Grand Floridian
          • Victoria and Albert's chef's table
          • Enchanted Rose lounge (crab gnocchi)
        • Beaches and Cream
          • Chocolate and Neapolitan Kitchen Sinks 
          • Chocolate Brownie Milkshake
        • Boardwalk 
          • Dancehall  
        • Wilderness Lodge
          • Eat at Geyser point
        • AKL:
          • The Mara has new good looking desserts as of 11/16/18
        • Yehaa Bob
        • Hoop de doo
        • The Boathouse and Amphicar

      • MISSED
        • Okonomiyaki, from Katsura Grill
        • Camp Minnie Mickey (RIP) - Herb and Flora talking bushes
        • The Viewfinder menu (discontinued 4/15) at 50's Prime Time
        • Opening ceremony at Epcot 
        • Veiled Maiden from the Kringla Bakeri in Norway
        • Cheshire Cake Cups (did vanilla and berry); still no mocha 4/15, gone totally 5/16
        • Ladybug release Thursdays at GF
        • GF key (asked twice while staying concierge May 2017)
        • Boardwalk Bakery
          • Pull-apart brioche
          • Blackberry macaron
        • The new macaroni and cheeses at Min and Bills
        • Salted Caramel Pretzel, Lunching Pad (not there May 2018 or Oct 2018)
        • cookies and cream cheese cake a/k/a the sonny eclipse dessert - Cosmic Ray's (not there May 2018 or Oct 2018)
        • Tangerine Cafe: brownie cake (not there May 2017 or May 2018 or Oct 2018)
        • Chocolaty Churro Sundae by Test Track/Taste Track (not there May 2018 or Oct 2018)
        • After you exit the ToT library there are fuse boxes on the left side, pull the lever for a sound effect
        • Once upon a time store: listen carefully to hear the radio broadcast from the actual Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiere being played throughout the store (not there May 2017 or Oct 2018).

        • Use my Disney Visa points to make myself one of those custom charm bracelets  (need to add more) 
        • Bread pudding from Ohana (but I should try this again) 
        • Brownie frosting sandwich at Earl of Sandwich 
          • Did at Disneyland but would do again
        • Try each and every cupcake at Starring Rolls and on my Cupcake Encyclopedia
          • Marble and Butterfinger are done already!
          • Red Velvet
          • A new chocolate cherry one!  I scooped AJ!
          • Peanut Butter Chocolate


      1. That's quite a list! I haven't heard of most of the foods - I don't think we spend enough time eating when we are at Disney! :)

        1. If you need assistance, I am certain I could help you with that! LOL :)