Friday, March 14, 2014

Kill/Marry/Refurb: World Showcase Counter Service!

I'm joining the miraculous Mouse on the Mind and hilarious This Happy Place Blog for the Kill/Refurb/Marryblog hop!  This week's theme is World Showcase Counter Service.  Leggo!

Kill:  Yorkshire County Fish Shop.  Actually, instead of killing the actual shop, can we just kill the birds that VICIOUSLY ATTACK me every time I try to eat near there?  I don't need another Tippi Hedren moment, no matter how pretty those Hitchcock blondes are.  Please, someone, grab a bb gun, slingshot, anything.  Murder those suckers. 

If you don't feel like committing avian murder (avianicide?), kill the Liberty Inn.  Don't we have enough boring old burger/fries/chicken nugget places already?  Enough.  

Refurb:  Canada.  "Refurb what?" you may be asking.  EXACTLY MY POINT.  Refurb that store that no one goes into because it requires climbing stairs and we are all fat American tourists.  Turn it into a place to buy food (and NOT those lame-o prepackaged, buy-them-at-the-supermarket-when-you-get-home-instead snacks they currently offer) and I have a sneaking suspicion we will be more inclined to climb those stairs.  You could even charge outrageous prices for some cheddar cheese soup and pretzel bread to go.  You KNOW we're dumb enough to fall for it, Disney.

Marry:  I love Kringla, but I think everyone is going to want to marry it.  I love the Tangerine Cafe too, but I don't think we're a good fit for long term cohabitation.  So I'm going to propose three-way marriage to L'Artisan Des Glaces and Karamel Kuche.  Just think of the adorable (and sweet) babies we'd have together!!  

If you're smart, you will hop on to all the next stops. 

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