Friday, April 17, 2015

Unverified Disney Treats

You may have read my Disney World To Do List where I keep track of all the things that I want to try/do at Disney World. A lot of these things I found on Disney blogs and podcasts which, let's be honest, are not always the most reliable sources. 

So some of these items I have been unable to personally verify as existing.  If any of you guys can confirm the existence of these items (you have to have personally experienced it, not just heard about it from someone else), let me know!
  • Magic Kingdom:
    • In the Jungle Cruise, a particular native on the shore actually shouts "I love Disco!" as you cruise by!   
      • Did not see/hear it, December 2014
    • Party line phone in the Confectionary
      • Did not see it April 2015
    • Throw a coin in Cinderella's fountain for a special effect
      • April 2015, nothing happened when I threw a penny in the one by the walk way to Merida, May 2017, nothing happened when I threw a penny in the one by Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.
    • in the queue for Splash Mountain, listen as you pass by the little houses hanging in the trees -  some critters talk to each other, maybe even as Chip and Dale 
    • In Ye Old Christmas Shoppe - "One cast member said she was on break but would be glad to help, while another took the girls around the store and brought them in front of a magical Christmas tree. The cast member asked each girl to make a wish and magically, the tree sparkled!" 
      • Did not see this December 2014
  • Epcot
    • Open the old Coke freezer at the Outpost for a Surprise  
      • COULDNT FIND THIS December 2014 or April 2015
    • Hidden Mickey in the paintings on display in France 
      • Didn't see any when I looked April 2015
    • Across from Morocco is an aqua-duct. They use it grow vegetables and plants. Most people will walk right on by without noticing it. 
      • I didn't see this December 2014 or April 2015  
    • There is a prayer room made of “gold” in the Morocco Pavilion. It is open to the general public and any CMs that want to use it. 
      • I didn't see this December 2014 or April 2015 - it is NOT the museum
  • Studios
    • After you exit the ToT library there are fuse boxes on the left side, pull the lever
    • Once upon a time store: listen carefully to hear the radio broadcast from the actual Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiere being played throughout the stor
      • Heard nothing May 2017
  • Animal Kingdom
    • Camp Minnie Mickey (RIP) - Herb and Flora talking bushes - I guess these are gone now?
    • Dinoland Jeep behind which is a row of fossils in the wall that are musical  
      • COULDNT FIND THIS December 2014, May 2016
    • Pippa the talking recycling bin at AK entrance
      • COULDNT FIND THIS December 2014, May 2016
    • At end of Bugs life, look up and watch the bugs fly out  
      • COULDNT FIND THIS December 2014 (kinda saw it May 2016)
    • The little dinosaur fountain- a dinosaur head that spits out water  on Cretaceous trail
      • COULDNT FIND THIS May and Aug 2016
  • General/Out of Parks