Friday, March 21, 2014

Disney News from Non-Disney Sources *Updated 7.3.14

Here is a post I plan to update periodically.  Of course if you're reading my little ole blog, I'm SURE you read the bigger ones and get most of your Disney news from the Disney community at large.  I thought it might be nice to see what the "outside world" is reporting in terms of Disney news.  I have a feeling this will mostly come from New York Magazine's Culture Vulture blog since that's my main non-Disney entertainment news source.  But you know, whatever.  I don't expect this post will get much traffic anyway.  :)

Tina Fey is making a new witch film for Disney (7.3.14)

R.I.P. Newsies (6.23.14)

What Pixar's next movie might mean to girls (6.23.14)

Check out the original prospectus for Disneyland! (6.20.14)

Some people aren't thrilled that Disney is messing with Into The Woods (6.18.14)

A new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie is in the works (6.5.14)

Who was the last, great, genuinely terrifying Disney villain? (5.30.14)

Check out the sub-headlines of this vintage Ladies Home Journal!  Fashions in Disneyland!  I would love to get a peek at that article.  :) (5.7.14)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit star, Bob Hoskins (who also played Smee in Hook - one of my all time favorite movies), passed away last night.  (4.30.14)

Scarlett Johansson and my second best friend (after Jennifer Lawrence) Lupita Nyong'o are in talks to do Disney's live action Jungle Book movie (4.24.14)

Welp, there's gonna be an It's A Small World movie.  Wake me when the People Mover movie gets greenlighted (greenlit?) (4.23.14)

All three Avatar sequels are underway?  I wonder what other boring stories will be rehashed now that Pocahontas/Fern Gully is out of the way. (4.12.14)

I don't always love Hello Giggles but this breakdown of Beauty and the Beast is pretty great.  Point 4 is my main problem with a lot of the Disney movies! (4.10.14)

How Disney helped a family dealing with autism. (4.1.14)

Of course there's a ton of Disney character's in this pop culture Noah's Arc (which characters can you spot?) (3.28.14)

Review of Aladdin the Musical (light on story?  That's not very Disney-like!) (3.21.14)

Andy Serkis to Direct the WB's Live-Action Jungle Book Movie (but we have Idris Elba in OURS so Disney wins) (3.21.14)

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