Friday, July 27, 2012

Earl of Sandwich Review

Although I haven't been to the one in Downtown Disney, I made several special trips to the Earl of Sandwich right here in midtown New York!  Below are the pics of what I tried, from least favorite to most favorite. Enjoy!

These were actually the last things I tried.  As you know, I was deeply disappointed by the absence of the brownie frosting sandwiches here, so when I saw EoS cupcakes I thought well that's a nice and sugary silver lining!  I got one of each available flavors - vanilla and chocolate.

They look enormous don't they?  When I took the top of the vanilla one (I always save the best for last), I was incredibly disappointed by the sparseness of the frosting.  I shouldn't be able to see the cake THROUGH the frosting on my cupcake!

And then I took it out of the container . . . and it WASN'T a cupcake!  SIGH.

How completely deceptive.  The container is like TWICE the depth of the actual food.  No wonder it only cost $2 each!  And whatever frosting they DID give me, half of it came off on the wrapper.  

So I moved on to the chocolate one.  Chocolate icing with chocolate cake should be better right?  

Oh wait, NOPE - same frosting problems and the cake wasn't even chocolate to make up for it.    

This picture makes the frosting look more generous that it really was.

Thankfully, I had the chance to try two sandwiches to make up for it.  First up (actually now that I think about it, this whole post is in reverse chronological order in addition to worst-to-best order), is the Original 1762.  It was GOOD.   Toasty bread, creamy dressing (the melty cheddar perfectly balanced out the piquant horseradish), yummy beef.

And then, the Full Montague.  OMG SO DELICIOUS.  Hot and crusty with plenty-of-but-not-to-much filling.  Beef, turkey, Swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, and mustard.  DROOL. Am I right ladies?

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