Friday, February 25, 2011

Now is the time!

Holy moly my trip is ALMOST HERE!  I'm less than 24 hours away from landing in Orlando (provided all goes according to plan)! I'm so excited I can't possibly focus at work. lol  I also recently scored some last minute rezzies to Le Cellier.  I'm a LC newb so I'm very excited.  

I'll see you guys in March with some fabulous trip reports!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Trip Preview/Concerns

Okay I'm getting pretty excited about my upcoming trip.  I arrive in the AM on Saturday the 26th and take Magical Express to meet my little sis at the Poly (she's taking a redeye so she'll be there before).  Hopefully our room is ready early so she can nap while I am arriving.

Things I'm Worried About:

- Touring Plans's blog indicated that crowds in March are now higher than initially expected (Disney has increased the park hours).  I will be there for the first week of March.  I ALSO am not subscribing to Touring Plans (this time, to see how I do without it.  If the answer is not well, I will subscribe for next time).  So I don't know if the higher crowds will apply to that week or only for the spring break weeks of March.  Last time I checked the crowd calendar they were reporting mostly 3's but that was before this new news and the crowd calendar for my trip dates is no longer available to me as a non-subscriber.  Fortunately, my personal touring plan includes: bring no children, so I think we as 2 adults will be pretty efficient tourers.

- The weather.  So far I can only get the first two days on and they are reporting, respectively, 40% and 30% chances of isolated thunderstorms.  I hope this doesn't ruin my plans.  I must remember to pack my poncho (even though it's ripped).

- My little sister.  Her work schedule is volatile so we're not sure she'll make it for the whole thing.  I'm hoping this won't affect my plans too much.  Also I'm hoping she manages the Magical Express alright.  I booked it for her and mailed her the tickets but she's never done it before so I'm nervous.  

- The reservations.  I just want everything to work out okay when we get there.  No canceled/delayed flights, no lost luggage, no messed up room reservations, etc.  

Okay, maybe later I'll post some more details of my actual plans.  Very excited/nervous!!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Magical Memories: 1980s Blue Strollers in Disney World

The next installment in our retro Magical Memories series:
(c), World News Shields and Yarnell breakfast show
Do you guys remember the old school blue strollers Disney offered back in the day (80s, possibly early 90s)?  As I recall they were a light blue plasticky canvas and metal, and had a canopy on top.   I am definitely sure of the canopy. When I was small enough, my little sis would sit on the bottom and my dad would plop me on top of the canopy to watch the Main Street parade.  I couldn't find a great pic but I think they are exactly like the ones above.  Ahhh memories!

If you want additional pictures of the blue strollers, check out this link from the Imaginerding blog and this one from Distherapy.  Love it!

P.S. Hope it's okay for me to use that pic with the proper credit!  If not, World News authorities should please contact me and I'll take it down ASAP.