Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: This Is Really Good

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Another trip with a friend to Earl of Sandwich in Manhattan finally FINISHING my Eat Each Sandwich challenge. (For links to the rest of my reviews, scroll down!)  Woot!! I have now eaten every hot sandwich available on the Earl of Sandwich menu.  

Unfortunately, we're not ending on a high note.  The tuna melt on wheat was meh.  Too much mayo, not enough Swiss (what was there was sufficiently melty though).  Could have used more crunch from celery or something.  It kind of felt like nursing home food.

Also it's not that appetizing to look at.  Some green crunchy veggies and cheddar could have brought some color to the sandwich.

However, I am DELIGHTED to have finished my goal!  I will still go back to Earl for the breakfast sandwiches and desserts, but I feel like this was definitely an accomplishment for me.  Yay! 

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Left to do: Avocado BLT*, BBQ Chicken*

*No longer appears on online menu

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  1. Sorry it wasn't all that great! Glad I don't have to try it now ;)