Friday, August 29, 2014

Favorite Food Friday: Eat Every Sandwich Earl of Sandwich Challenge: Philly Cheesesteak

Welcome to another Favorite Food Friday hosted by the deviant Disney Day by Day!

I am the worst you guys.  I haven't updated this blog in so long.  HOWEVER, I managed to take a vacation day on Wednesday which meant I got to stop by the Earl of Sandwich in NYC (only open during the work day and nowhere near my office).  

You may remember my first Earl of Sandwich review of the Full Montagu and the Original 1762 (and the Coronet Cakes): here.  Well when Sarah of the Eating WDW blog started participating in the Eat Each Sandwich challenge, I knew I had to join in as well!  For links to the rest of my reviews, scroll down!

This time I tried the (newish?) Philly Cheesesteak on white.  As you can see it had a TON of onions and green peppers, which I wish had been cooked down a little more.

The saltiness of the cheese definitely came through and I got texture from the meat but that was about it flavorwise.  It's possible that my recent sriracha phase has ruined my tastebuds a little but I kept wishing for more of a kick.  Maybe I should had added mustard.  

I also got a brownie with caramel drizzled on it - that was better than my previous attempt.  This new brownie was slightly undercooked and therefore delicious.  I was so hungry I didn't take a picture of it.  Glutton that I am (hey I was about to dance for 6 hours straight) I ALSO got this cookie and it was  as delicious as one might expect.  

I also saw these chocolatey burrito thingies but I was too shy to ask about them given that I had just ordered enough food for 3 adults.   Maybe next time I will try it!

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  1. Yum, we love everything Earl, that undercooked brownie sounded great, just how I like them :). Not a huge fan of onions so I'm not sure I would like this sandwich. Thanks for sharing and linking up with Favorite Food Friday!