Friday, September 5, 2014

Favorite Food Friday: CHOCOLATTEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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"I got you all the candy."  Have sweeter words ever been uttered?  I submit that they have not.  "I got you all the candy."  The poetry.  The cadence.  It's the perfect phrase.  It puts "cellar door" to shame.  "I got you all the candy."

So my sister tells me she's taking a day trip to Disneyland and I ask her to buy and send me these special Disney chocolates if she happens to have the time.  These chocolates seem to be available in the parks on both coasts but I don't have plans to get to WDW for a while.  The next day, the most beautiful email ever sent arrived in my inbox.  She had gotten me ALL of the candy.

We'll start off with the mint flavored ones because mint is disgusting and you always want to end on a high note.  Mint ruins chocolate and none of your "but what about"s will change that.  Just accept it.  That being said, the mint here was not horribly oppressive.  It was more Thin Mint than Junior Mint.

As you can see, there is a soft outer chocolate shell and a softer, creamier chocolate-mint flavored filling.

Next up we have the raspberry/milk chocolate roses.  Fruit also ruins chocolate.  The only thing that ruins chocolate worse than fruit is mint.  So.  

However, the rose shapes are so pretty.  This is the only one that comes in a shape different than the Mickey squares seen above with the mint ones.  

Like the mint ones, there is a chocolate shell (not hard) and a chocolate creamy center.  Where the center had a hint of mint before, here there is a hint of raspberry.  

Finally the good stuff.  Caramel!  Caramel is an acceptable partner for chocolate.   

PS how cute is the packaging?

The outer chocolate was thicker on this one than with the others.  I assume that is because the caramel is the runny kind (you either get the runny kind or the thick kind in caramel filled chocolates.  Godiva also uses the runny kind in it's caramel-filled squares.  It is messy.).  

I don't approve of the messiness of the runny caramel and the flavor was mostly chocolate.  But you know, it's candy.  Chocolate.  No fruit.  No mint.  So acceptable.

Peanut butter!!!!  Perhaps the IDEAL partner for chocolate.  Chocolate's soulmate, if I may.  However, points deducted for the grossly heteronormative statement on this otherwise adorable packaging.  

The peanut butter was creamy and light.  We're not talking the grainy Reeses peanut butter here.  But the flavor stood up against the chocolate better than the caramel did. 

Okay fine, there is no more perfect partner for chocolate than more chocolate.  

However, I think I liked the peanut butter the best.  This was good, but it was just chocolate on chocolate.  No real contrast.  If these guys had been solid the whole way through I'm not sure I would have noticed a difference in the flavor profile.  Nevertheless: unadulterated chocolate.  So: success.

My sister is the greatest.

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  1. Ahh what a great selection of chocolates. We have only tried the caramel ones because I like a little something with my chocolate. I agree they are nothing to write home about, but they do have cool boxes. Thanks for sharing!