Monday, December 12, 2011

Fastpass to History! Vintage Disney Tickets

Hi guys, I'm linking up with the fabulous Frontierland Station for the Fastpass to History blog hop!

My mom was cleaning out our attic and came across these!  They each had 1 day left so I brought them to the ticketing station in front of Animal Kingdom where I traded them in for 4, individual, 1-day passes.   A part of me WAS sad to see them go though. 


So cool right?

From 1995!


  1. very cool!! I used an unused ticket once, but it was't that old! I think it was 4 years old... have fun.

  2. So cool, I remember these type of tickets. And you are right you can definitely use them before they started the add on charge for no expiration date. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!

  3. How cool! Tickets sure have changed over the years! Pretty soon we'll all have My Magic Bands instead of actual tickets. Thanks for linking up!

  4. This is so interesting- I've never seen these tickets before! Thanks for sharing.

  5. We have some of these that are all used up, and we even have some ticket books! Of course, the E-tickets are gone, but still, I love seeing this kind of Disney history!

    Speaking of Magic Bands, I'm hanging onto unused fastpasses and my old tickets. Guess those will be history too, soon!