Monday, December 26, 2011

Disneyland Trip Recap Part 4: The Adventure Continues!

We interrupt this post for a brief request: please please read this post and let me know your opinions.  I am seeking input on a change I am considering making!

When I arrived at Disneyland and had checked in at our hotel, I headed straight to the park.  After noticing the filming of the Christmas parade, I had to decide what I was going to do while I waited for my sister to arrive.  Since it was fairly early in the morning and most of the crowds were waiting for the parade to start, I decided to hop on the new Star Tours.

I had ridden the old Star Tours in Disney World dozens of times, but I hadn't been down there since the new one was installed.  I was REALLY excited to try it.  I tried to avoid spoilers when I could.  And in the end . . .


The 3D effects are the best I have EVER seen.  The variations in the storyline were equally amazing.  And I think, after riding it about 5 different times over the course of the trip (and taking a bunch of pictures of the queue), I managed to get ALL of the different choices (not all of the different combinations of course).  These are the ones I saw.  Did I miss anything?

     A) Darth Vader tries to arrest us
     B) An Imperial probe droid detects the rebel on our ship

    A) Hoth
    B) Podrace
    C) Wookie planet

    A) Yoda
    B) Leia
    C) Akbar

   A) Underwater with Jar Jar Binks (one of my favorite endings - the 3D here is INCREDIBLE)
   B) Corusant the City Planet
   C) Death Star/asteroid field.

I definitely wasn't expecting to get ALL of the options but I'm pretty thrilled that I did!  Now I can't wait to try them out in WDW!

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