Thursday, December 29, 2011

Disneyland Trip Recap Part 6: Carnation Cafe

We interrupt this post for a brief request: please please read this post and let me know your opinions.  I am seeking input on a change I am considering making!

One of the main goals of my DL trip was to try the various offers AJ talks about on the Disney Food Blog.  I REALLY wanted to try the Cinnamon Bun French Toast and Oscar's Choice from Carnation Cafe. 

I first had a breakfast ADR at the cafe to try the French Toast.  It was raining but only lightly.  The cafe feels a bit crowded with so many table umbrellas but I appreciated that they provided a virtual ceiling from the rain.  While I waited for my meal to arrive, I sipped a mocha, which I am a huge fan of (it's also delicious from the bakery if you are willing to wait on a line). 

Then the french toast arrived and it was exactly how AJ said it would be.  It was also HEAVENLY.  SOOOOOOO delicious there are not words.  You must try this immediately.  I have a high tolerance for sweets so I guess some of you may think it is too sweet if you're not a sugar fan.  But you guys are crazy. 

A day or two later I decided to see if I could score another ADR at the cafe to try out Oscar's Choice.  I called the evening before and got a reservation for 10am the next day.  It was better weather this time and I ordered another yummy mocha while I waited.

Oscar's Choice was . . . meh.  I mean, there's nothing really special about it.  It's eggs, a croissant, breakfast potatoes, and some fruit and bacon/sausage.  It wasn't BAD.  It was nice-tasting.  In fact, I'm not a big potatoes girl (I'll eat them but I won't gravitate towards them) and these potatoes were pretty good - I ate all of them.   But it didn't blow my mind like the french toast had.  It was pretty much just your normal American-type breakfast.

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