Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disneyland Trip Recap Part 3: The Disappointments

Although I had an absolutely AMAZING time at Disneyland, I did have a few disappointments on the trip.  The point of this trip was to try EVERYTHING I possibly could so that I don't have to keep going back (Disneyland is expensive yo!) to get everything done.  Yes I know this is folly.  Disney constantly brings new things into their parks.  It's like sweeping the beach, I'll never get it done.  But in my head it worked.  I did manage to get almost everything done.  I felt very accomplished.  But there were a few things I still missed and now I will HAVE to go back.

1) The Blue Bayou

My plan was to get an ADR at the Blue Bayou so I could have the beignets and Monte Cristo sandwich there.  I checked the menu ahead of time and knew that they only served the MC at lunch.  I emailed my travel agent a few more than 60 days ahead of time so he had a heads up.  And then . . .

I get an email from my agent saying that they were closing Pirates AND the Blue Bayou prior to my trip!  SO SAD!  Thankfully I had hit up Pirates on my first half-day trip years ago, so I already had that under my belt.  But now I will HAVE to go back to DL to eat at the BB.  Ah well.

2) Small World

On my first half-day trip some years ago, we didn't make it to Small World.  I thought it was okay because I've done Small World at Disney World dozens of times.  But then, I learned how Disneyland's Small World is different.  It's the original!  It goes outside!  The facade is different!  And then I KNEW I had to go on this first REAL trip.  And then . . .

As we turned the corner to head back towards the ride, we saw the sign that it was closed.  Still hopeful, we sought out a Cast Member to see if the closing was just temporary but no.  It was closed for the duration.  And now I will HAVE to go back to DL to ride the original Small World.  Ah well.

Sad closed Small World view from the DL Railroad

3)  Christmas Decorations

The plan was, for this first REAL trip, to try out Disneyland "original flavor".  I figured the first trip should be experienced as Disneyland is without the extras.  Kind of like eating your first Mickey Waffle before trying out the chocolate Mickey Waffle.  You need a basis for comparison of the variations available.  I planned a trip in early November, aiming to catch the park after the Halloween decorations came down but before the Christmas decorations went up.  And then . . .

Well, you saw my first post about the Christmas parade filming.  It was cool to see and the decorations were pretty, but it wasn't my plan.  So now I will HAVE to go back to DL to see what the parks are like without the holiday decor. 

New Orleans Square Christmas Decor:

4)  Grizzly River Run

This was perhaps the most tragic disappointment of all.  On my first half-day trip years ago, the goal was to try all the rides that Disneyland has that Disney World does not.  (This explains my initial peace with missing Disneyland's Small World.)  Grizzly River Run was on that to-do list. 

But we saw a bunch of kids coming off the ride completely and utterly soaked straight through, and it was cold (February in LA is still February), and we were driving home that day.  So we vetoed the ride.  But I knew I would have to get a room at the Grand Californian so I could get soaked on GRR and then hop straight back to my room to dry off and change and head back into the parks.  

And that was the plan on this trip!  I had my room at the Grand Californian for the second night, so I waited around for DCA to open up so I could book it to the GRR first thing.  And then . . .

So now I will HAVE to go back to DL to fully execute my GRR/GC plan!

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