Thursday, December 22, 2011

Requesting Input From My Fabulous Followers


    I've been mulling this over for some time and today I realized, why don't I ask you guys for your thoughts (please post your opinions on the comments)!  Something that bugs me a little is how childless, single (not just unmarried, but totally uncoupled) Disney fans are severely underrepresented in the Disney community.  I've often felt ignored and a few times even ostracized as a solo Disney fan.  

   As a result I am considering shifting the focus of my blog slightly to talk about this subject a little more.  Honestly, I don't expect the content to change all that much, but I might change the name of the blog and you might see a few more posts featuring solo/semi-solo trips.  

    I want to emphasize that I would hope to include and connect with ALL kinds of Disney fans via this blog.  I just want other solo Disney fans (if there are any) to know that I am out here too.  It would be like the solo version of your Disney Mom blogs (which I still very much enjoy following!).  

   What do you think?  Would you stop reading?  Do you think this would be interesting to others?  To you?  I'm still mulling it over and I'm not sure I'll even do it but your opinions would be GREATLY appreciated.  Please post them in the comments!

- V


  1. I say do what you want to do - it's your blog! ;-)

    Have you checked out It's a great site with a great community - I love the forums!

  2. Thanks for the feedback WDW Strollers! I'm definitely thinking seriously about it.

    I think I follow that blog but I didn't know they had forums! Always good to know there are other outlets out there.

    Thanks for reading! :D