Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Disneyland Trip Recap Part 5: Cafe Orleans

Hi guys!  This is a recap of my very first full trip to Disneyland!  I was SOOOO excited to try out these yummy items - I hope you like them too!  

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Although I didn't get to try out the Blue Bayou this trip, I did get to hit up some of the other restaurants on my list of things to try.  The first one I scheduled was lunch at Cafe Orleans. 

Since I didn't get the Blue Bayou ADR, I knew this was the second best option to try their famed Monte Cristo sandwich.  I also knew I had to try the pomme frites and beignets after AJ raved about them on the Disney Food Blog.

You may have seen my brief reviews of the food from my Wordless Wednesday posts.  In sum:

The pomme frites were okay but too cold which made them taste overly salty and garlicky.  If they had been hot they would have been perfect.

The Monte Cristo was AMAZING.  I was actually sad that I didn't have room to eat the entire sandwich.  I had my doubts about the jelly w/ the meat and the powdered sugar, but OH MY GOD you guys.  Even if you are a finicky eater, you are doing yourself a grave disservice by not ordering and trying this insane deliciousness. 

The beignets were as meh as fried dough can be (which is still not that meh.  Kind of like being the shortest person on a NBA team).  I was expecting them to be hotter and lighter and puffier.  They weren't BAD.  But they fell flat after the incredible sandwich I just ate.  Plus the vanilla sauce was too vanilla-y.  I know that sounds weird but it was.  It overpowered the dough.  The jelly dipping sauce was better, but not as incredible as I think this dish could be.


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  1. Now you are making me so hungry. That Monte Cristo sure looks good. Thanks for posting and linking up this week.