Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!

My computer had a nasty nasty virus so I missed last week but I am back for another Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!
Thanks again to Focused on the Magic and the Info Mouse for hosting!

ALSO, please please read this post and let me know your opinions.  I am seeking input on a change I am considering making!

I promised dizzneemomma some gluten-free food pics this week so here we have a Matterhorn Macaroon from Disneyland. 

That's white chocolate and coconut (that's gluten free right?). 
I loved it more than I expected to (not a white chocolate fan normally). Enjoy!

Now hop on to the next stops!

Focused on the Magic


  1. Oh yum! That looks and sounds delicious! I'm not a big white chocolate fan but I'll def try it!

    Thanks for linking up today:-)
    Deb @ The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

  2. This makes me hungry! You can't go wrong with white chocolate and coconut...at least not in my book! Happy Christmas from Disney Done Right Blog!

  3. This looks wonderful!!!Thank for sharing.

  4. That looks delicious! I could go for one right now!

  5. Oh, I've never seen those! They look great and I'll have to try one next time I'm there. Thanks for posting and Happy Holiday from Disney Fan In Colorado!

  6. Oh my! Think I need to hop a plane to Cali and go grab my mid-morning coffee break snack!

    LOVE your Disneyland food tips!!

  7. That looks so yummy -- pure joy

  8. I LOVE white chocolate and coconut. Thumbs up!! :o)