Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!!

I'm back for another Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!
Thanks again to Focused on the Magic and the Info Mouse for hosting!

Given the shortage of comments on my post last week (Hi Deb, Dizneemomma,
Diane, and Manda!  Thanks for commenting!), I take it we are not fans of the savory as much as we enjoy the sweet?  Try on these Mickey beignets for size then, from Cafe Orleans!

They weren't as puffy as I had expected and the vanilla sauce was too vanilla-y (I know, but it's true).  I think they also suffered, slightly, from the same issue as the fries - not hot enough!  But whatever, fried sweet dough is NEVER a bad thing right?  

Plus I may be biased as I was pretty full from the cheesy garlic fries and Monte Cristo (to be featured in an upcoming post).  Yes, my lunch that day was completely fried.  Why are you making that face? ;)

Now hop on to the next stops!

Focused on the Magic


  1. Mmmm You did it again! Drool!! I have got to try one of these (or a few;) one day...

  2. You are brave tackling these (frying scares me)! Did you read about the pumpkin and gingerbread varieties??

  3. I did hear about them, but I wanted to try the original ones first. Full disclosure: I didn't fry these guys up myself. They're from my Disneyland trip last month. Still delicious though! :)

  4. I'm sure they're delicious! I won't be having any though. No gluten for me. :o( I'll take more of the cheesy garlic fries! :o)

  5. I will try to locate a gluten free treat for next week!

  6. lol! You make me laugh! :P Nothing wrong with a totally fried lunch! :P Those look sooo yummy! :D