Monday, October 3, 2011

The Worst Attractions Recap Part 4: Animal Kingdom

As you may recall, the original purpose of this blog was to chronicle my experiences riding all of the "worst" (read: boring, unpopular, ones I've routinely avoided) attractions in Walt Disney World on my trip with my sister last winter. Check out Part 1 (the Magic Kingdom "Successes"), Part 2 (Epcot Failures and Successes), and Part 3 (Magic Kingdom Failures)!

Let's continue on with Animal Kingdom.  Given that AK doesn't have a whole lot, comparatively, in the way of attractions, my list of Worst Attractions was pretty short:

1) Rafiki's Planet Watch.

The end.

Naturally, I didn't get around to doing the sole attraction on my original list.   This is kind of embarrassing given that it's really a whole land.  I basically blew off an ENTIRE land, you guys.  Granted it sounds entirely uninteresting, but still, I should have done better.  I'll get to it someday I swear!

  • Pangani Forest Exploration Trail:  I did, however, go on one of the trails at AK, which we've never ever done before.  We did the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and it was actually kind of cool.  Even my sister enjoyed it!  I'm not SUPER into animals but it was worth going once.  The fish and the gorillas were the most memorable for sure - we got a pretty good view too.  I don't think I'll go again but I am looking forward to doing the Maharajah Jungle Trek on my next visit!

    • Rating for the PFET:  4 out of 10 Figments

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