Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magical Memories/Flashback Friday: Backstage at the Poly

Welcome to another Flashback Friday Blog Hop!
Thanks again to Magical Days With The Mouse for hosting!

One time when the fam and I were staying at the King Kamehameha suite at the Polynesian Resort, my dad mentioned to the concierge there (oh yes, there was a private concierge in the second floor hallway plus a small variety of snacks - kind of like a very tiny version of the lounge in the Hawaii building) that I was interested in a career in hospitality. 

I was in early high school and, although I ended up in a different professional field (turns out I love staying at fancy hotels but I can't be sure it would be the same to work for one), it was something I was seriously exploring at the time.

Ever the consummate hospitality professional, the concierge set up a private meeting for me with the Polynesian hotel manager.  I can't remember his name (for which I am sorry) but he was a really lovely guy.  Very friendly and smiley, his main message was that the customer is always right.  He emphasized saying yes to customers and making the magic happen.  He was very inspiring.

I met him in his office (I forget how I got there - it was like 15 years ago!) and I remember he took me on a brief tour of the kitchen backstage.  We went in the door that is under the stairs by Captain Cook's and Boutiki. 

I didn't get to see a whole lot but I remember the kitchen being very clean and busy but not in a stressful way.  I remember saying hi to a kitchen worker. 
I am so lucky I got this opportunity and I wish I could remember more of it.  It was definitely special though! 

So that's my (a little fuzzy, foggy) flashback this Friday.  I hope you enjoyed it!  Now hop on to the next stop!


  1. what a great experience!!! thanks for sharing! :)

  2. That sounded like an awesome experience V. Thanks for sharing..