Friday, October 14, 2011

Magical Memories: Magic Journeys

The next installment in our retro Magical Memories (and sometimes Flashback Friday) series!

I saw Magic Journeys as a 18 month old in Epcot and many times at the Magic Kingdom as a young child. The 3D movie about a child's imagination was a perfect fit for the pavilion, with the original (wonderful) Journey Into Imagination + Image WorksJourney Into Imagination was a colorful, whimsical and dreamlike journey, in the same way that Magic Journeys was a colorful, whimsical and dreamlike -ahem- journey.   ;)

You can check out some clips of the film here (they're not the highest quality recording ever but still worth viewing I think!).  Yes, it's a little 1970's trippy, but it was beautiful and I always enjoyed seeing it.  I miss it even though I am quite confident they won't bring it back like they did Captain Eo.  Oh how I wish they would!

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