Monday, October 10, 2011

The Worst Attractions Recap Part 5: Hollywood Studios

As you may recall, the original purpose of this blog was to chronicle my experiences riding all of the "worst" (read: boring, unpopular, ones I've routinely avoided) attractions in Walt Disney World on my trip with my sister last winter. Check out Part 1 (the Magic Kingdom "Successes"), Part 2 (Epcot Failures and Successes), Part 3 (Magic Kingdom Failures), and Part 4 (Animal Kingdom)!

Shockingly, I did pretty much all of the worst attractions at Hollywood Studios (Sounds Dangerous, mercifully, was closed).  After all my failures too!  Here we go:

  • The Magic of Disney Animation:  This was . . . underwhelming.  Granted, it's been many months since I experienced it, but I honestly don't remember much about it.  The preshow with Mushu was kind of cute (if a bit dated).  I still think the animators in the observation room are faking it.  Plus there was only two.  And the whole thing was confusing to navigate - I actually almost went in the exit because of the character meet and greets and the shop there.  All in all, meeehhhhhh.  But it could be worse!

    • Rating: 3.5 out of 10 figments.

  • One Man's Dream:   Please don't hate me!  I didn't love this one.  I know that is a horrendous thing to say to an internet full of Disneyphiles, but here's the thing: I adore Walt for his legacy.  But for him, I would not have this wonderful place called Walt Disney World which I dearly love.  But aside from that, I'm not into all the Walt fandom.  It's not that I dislike him otherwise.  It's just that I don't find it that interesting.  What I find interesting is the parks themselves.  Particularly, vintage Disney park things.  So that is what I loved about this attraction.  I loved seeing items from the old WDW attractions that are no more.  But I could have skipped the movie at the end entirely.  Although I am going to get flogged for this, OMD is a one and done for me.

    • Rating: 5.5 Figments

  • Voyage to Narnia:  Okay, here's one I think we can ALL agree on.  It SUCKS.  It is so awful, I almost have no words.  This is what happens.  You go in and a cast member is waiting for you with a little spiel about the making of the movie (which is almost four years old and was not a blockbuster).  Then you walk through the doors and into a kind-of octagonal room that looks like a temple made of grey rock.  There's a broken stone table-thing in the middle (very paleolithic looking) and above it there's a screen.  You watch some clips from the movie, there are a few special lighting effects in the room, and then it's over.  Yep!  That's it.  Don't forget to check out a few small props and costumes from the movie on your way out!  What baffles me the MOST is that I have actually seen a LINE for this thing.  WHY are people waiting to experience this awful event?

    • Rating: 1 Figment

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