Monday, October 31, 2011

Practically Perfect Opinion: Pool Hopping

Welcome back my dears.   Maleficent here, having taken over V's body yet again just in time for a wicked Halloween.  Let's get her good and riled up now shall we?  For other cranky, witchy opinions, check out here, here, here, and here

I've been thinking recently of all the ways people "cheat the system" at Disney.  Line-cutters are an obvious example.  Pool hopping is another, less obvious one.  Disney says it is not okay (but isn't great at enforcing the rule except at places like Beach and Yacht Club where they demand resort ID before entrance).  I wish it was better enforced as a rule (not very shockingly, Disney seems to have a history of not enforcing simple rules that they themselves instituted (ahem mugs ahem).  Then guests get upset when Disney finally decides to hold them accountable - much like one Miss Ashlee (snort) Laurita on the Real Housewives of New Jersey). 

V is a deluxe-hotel fan, aficionado, and long-time guest.  As I am sure you know, she has ALWAYS stayed in the Polynesian and nowhere else when visiting Disney World, and she has stayed there about 20 times over the past 25 years.  Staying in deluxe hotels are NOT cheap.  In fact, it is super expensive.  So, like many deluxe hotel guests, V wants to get what she pays for.  Just as you would have higher expectations for Le Cellier than Pecos Bill's, deluxe resort guests pay a lot to stay at their resorts, so they should receive an equivalent high level of quality.  This includes hotel amenities such as the fabulous pool at the Poly (although the pool has been better in the past, in my opinion).

If you decide not to stay at a deluxe hotel, that is totally cool.  The moderates and values can be fabulously fun!  But then, those guests are paying less for their stay than the deluxe hotel guests are.   And those less expensive hotels have sometimes less themed and more crowded pools as a result.

Part of paying the mucho bucks for a deluxe is the less crowded, beautifully themed pool.  When people pool hop, they are taking a benefit of being a deluxe guest without paying the extra money that the actual deluxe guests pay.  That kind of sucks for the deluxe guests, who are now paying the same high money for a more crowded pool, while others are getting the pool for "free".  

It's kind of like a student saying, "Well, I know other people who cheat on the tests, so I will cheat too.  Who is it hurting?"  Well, (1) if there is no curve, it's hurting the students who worked hard and studied for the test.  They may still get an A, but now they are competing against cheaters to get into college.  And (2) if there is a curve, the cheater is directly affecting the hard-working student's grade, forcing it lower by the cheater's deception than it would have been if everyone had been honest.

To me and to V, this is not fair.  Further, this could make deluxe hotel guests less inclined to stay at such hotels in the future - after all, if you can get the deluxe pool without having to pay the higher prices as a deluxe resort guest, why would you pay?  As a result, I could see this negatively affecting deluxe hotel revenues which I think we all agree would be unfortunate for Disney.  And even if pool-hopping won't eventually force down deluxe hotel revenues, the pool-hoppers are still effectively taking something that technically doesn't belong to them for free and to the detriment of the people who are actually paying the high costs to be there.  Therefore, pool hopping - please don't do it or I may send my hellish minions after you!!  MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

That is all.  Have a spooky Halloween everyone!
Evilly yours,

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