Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flashback Fridays/Magical Memories: Getting Sick at the World

The next installment in our retro Magical Memories (and Flashback Fridays) series:

When I was little (maybe 7 years old), the fam and I went on a trip to Disney World and stayed (as always) at the Poly.  We were in the Hawaii building so it was easy for my little sister and I to run up to the grassy hill by the beach (now Sunset Point).  We had an absolute BALL just lying on the ground and rolling down the hill for HOURS (this was before they put the stone path up there).  After we got tired, we went back to our room.  Later that day, my mom noticed that I had a red itchy bumps on my skin. 

The parentals called guest services at the Poly and they sent a doctor to our room to check me out.  He was a nice man from what I recall and told us that I got a rash from the fertilizer used on the grass my sister and I were rolling down.  I don't remember whether the doctor prescribed a cream or anything for me.  However, I do remember being very itchy for the rest of the trip, although that did not stop us from finishing our park-touring!

I'm sure we weren't the first kids to roll down that hill and I can't have been the only child with sensitive skin at the Poly.  I wonder if they changed fertilizers after they discovered my rash.....

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  1. What a great flashback! That must've been so much fun! The rolling not the itching part;)