Friday, January 21, 2011

Magical Memories: A Treasure Trove in 5 to 25 Cent Increments

I am adding this post to the Magical Blogorail's blog hop on Disney Inspirations.  I was inspired to start a Disney blog to record my personal memories of my childhood Disney trips as well as report on my adult Disney trips.  Here is one of my favorite memories:

The first installment in our retro Magical Memories series!!!

When I was little, my parents used to take me and my little sister to WDW on a yearly basis.  We'd normally go sometime in September (yes we'd get pulled out of school for the second or third week), and we ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stayed at the Polynesian.

Up until middle school, we stayed in the Hawaii longhouse which faces Seven Seas Lagoon, right on the beach.  [I'll discuss where we would stay for subsequent visits in a later post ;) ] 

When my little sister and I would wake up in the morning, while our parents were still sleeping or hanging out in their room, we would go down to the beach and play in the sand.  One year, we were playing under an empty rope hammock hung between two palm trees (which is no longer in the same place unfortunately - no, it's not the one by the ferry boat dock and it's not the one by Sunset point - it was in between those).

As we were blissfully digging in the sand, we discovered a cachet of change!  Someone must have had change in his pocket when he went to relax on the hammock the day before.  It wasn't much but, then, a handful of nickels and quarters hidden in the sand can truly entrance an 8 and 5 year old.

We told our parents who were highly amused by the discovery of our "buried treasure."  The next morning, naturally, we went back to see if more change had appeared.  IT HAD!  Our eyes grew as big as saucers and our little hearts started beating faster and faster as we dug up about $2.03 in change.  

After that, every morning, we checked under every hammock.  I forget how much we found in total (although this was also the trip that my mom found a $10 bill in the garden of the China pavilion so we came out pretty well financially over all).  But it was something we never forgot.  To this day we check in the sand under the rope hammocks for more buried treasure, with zero success.  Ah well.
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  1. What a great memory! We have just discovered the greatness of the Polynesian over our last two trips. My kids just love playing in the sand along the beach. I can only imagine if they ever found bury treasure! :-)

    Thank you so much for linking up this week with our new blog hop!

  2. What an awesome memory! I'm guessing someone planted that treasure just for you. ;)