Friday, September 2, 2011

Flashback Friday/Magical Memories: ImageWorks!

Welcome to another Flashback Friday Blog Hop!  Thanks to Magical Days With The Mouse for hosting!

So I think you all know my views on Journey Into Imagination.  But do you remember ImageWorks back in it's original form?  Michael at the Progress City blog did a great post on it a while back.  For me, this is what I remember:

- We didn't usually dillydally in the play/explore areas/post-shows after an attraction, but we never failed to stop at ImageWorks after riding the late, great, JII original flavor.

- The pin tables were one of the first things we'd play with.  I'm surprised my germophobic mother let us do that!

- We also LOVE LOVE LOVED the rainbow tunnel and would run through it several times.

- Another favorite was the room with colorful hexagons on the floor (courtesy of various spotlights in the ceiling I think?).  Whenever you'd step on each it would make a different musical sound.  The room was often a cacophony of noises!  It was a little annoying because sometimes it would get so loud that you couldn't hear the sound YOU were making - everyone else's sounds overwhelmed it.  But it was still fun and memorable.

- Omg do you remember the colorful liquid bubbles in the ceiling?  Well actually they were just realllly high up on a wall.  You would stand in front of a screen that was super high up close to the ceiling (from my childhood's point of view anyway), and you would press a big round button and then a new colorful bubble would float across the screen.  You could fill up the screen with bubbles of green, red, yellow, blue, purple, orange - all the colors of the rainbow!

- On another wall was a kaleidoscope.  Same general concept as the bubbles but instead of buttons you'd twist dials and make different designs w/ the colorful kaleidoscopes high up on the wall.

- I also loved the computers (1980s style of course) on which you could pick a black and white picture of Figment, the Dreamfinder or the pavilion buildings (I most often picked the last one).  Then you would use a "pen" to pick colors on the touchscreen and color in your picture.  Kind of like MS paint.

Those are my favorite memories of ImageWorks.  What are yours?  Post in the comments and hop on to the next stop!


  1. Wow, I just realized it's been 25 years since I've been to WDW. I think I need to go back!

  2. Oh my goodness yes you do! But prepare yourself, the parks are VERY different (there are 2 that will be completely new for you) - especially Epcot!

  3. I don't remember all the details, but I do remember having a blast with my little sister there.

  4. Loved ImageWorks!! So many fun things to do! Thanks for reminding me. Great flashback!

    Deb @ Focused on the Magic