Monday, September 19, 2011

Time to share a little secret....

So I have some news.  I have been keeping something from you.  In part, I haven't spilled the beans yet because I am a little superstitious and I'm afraid if I say it, something will go wrong and it won't happen.  But I'm less than 2 months out, so screw it. 


Here are the basics:

- Early November I will be visiting my sister in LA.  I (and hopefully her but her work sched is volatile so you never know) will be spending 3 days/2 nights in Disneyland.  The first night I am/we are spending in the Grand Californian and the second night will be at the Disneyland Hotel (those are the only two hotels I really want to try out). 

- I booked with The Magic For Less Travel (thanks to the Be Our Guest Podcast) and I might even get a discount!  If my sister comes you can be sure I will be utilizing her California residents discount as well!

- TRAGICALLY, the Blue Bayou and Pirates will be closed through Thanksgiving so I am missing both of those.  I did Pirates once before (my only prior DL trip - a while ago and not even for a whole day) but I did have my heart set on eating a Monte Cristo at the BB.  Sigh.

- Instead, we have some other fabulous dining plans thanks to my wonderful MFL travel agent:

Lunch at Cafe Orleans
(for a Monte Cristo there instead, those delicious pomme frites, then beignets!)
Breakfast at the Carnation Cafe (for that cinnamon roll french toast)
Lunch at Ariel's Grotto for the World of Color Priority Seating deal.

- I also hope to try a lot of the following (yes I will be just about to pop by the end of this trip!):

*Matterhorn Macaroon (probably will take this home instead of eating it there)
*Dole Whip (of course!)

This is pretty much ALL I will be eating because between my ADRs and these planned snacks I'm not sure I'll have room for anything else!
- The plan is to do all the rides possible, with priority going to those I didn't get to do on my first DL trip (incl. the Monsters Inc. ride in DCA, Small World, and the Jungle Cruise) plus World of Color and Fantasmic (which I have never seen, even in Studios).  I also want to check out these Tomorrowland details too!

I'm very excited so I hope it all works out!  I will update this post as my trip gets closer!  Get ready from some trip reports after I'm back too!

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