Thursday, June 16, 2011

Podcast Review: Be Our Guest Podcast

If WDW Radio is the meat and potatoes, the BOGP is your warm cookies and milk.  They are seriously the nicest people I have ever heard.  Maybe it's just because I am used to New Yorkers (city, not state) and New Jerseyans - they tend to be an unfriendly, cranky, angry group - but I have never come across such a friendly, kind, welcoming and warm group of people.  Ever.  I almost don't believe how nice they are.  I think I'd feel better about my witch-tastic moods if I knew that Mike got cranky on occasion!  But, no, they are really that positive.  All. The. Time. 

I won't say I always agree with the hosts, but then, I can't think of a podcast that hasn't caused me to yell at my ipod at least once.  And Mike, Rikki, Deb and Pam are just a delight to listen to.  Plus, they are parks-focused, which is my preference, and I like that they post fairly regularly. 

If I HAD to pick a beef (other than that they are so nice I feel bad for being grumpy), I would say that their shows are too short.  My commute is around an hour on average and their shows are around 40 minutes on average so they're juuuuust short enough where it makes more sense for me to listen to another podcast with a longer episode unless I have a couple BOGP episodes banked up.  I don't like to delay my episodes listening (I find it more interesting to listen to episodes about Star Tours soft-opening before Star Wars Weekend).

They also host forums full of members just as lovely as the hosts AND a monthly live show that includes a chat on  It's like all the nicest people in the world decided to congregate in one internet "home".  I bet they serve warm cookies and milk there too.  :)

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