Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Avatarland?  I can't even . . .   I mean, I don't know you guys.  

1) Hi out-of-the-blue announcement!  I guess you are proof that Disney can keep secrets when it wants to? 

2) WHY oh WHY was this not announced at D23?  Everyone was expecting a big surprise announcement.  This would have made a LOT of D23 attendants happy I am sure.  And D23, like, JUST happened.   I suspect that all the complaining about the lines and the crowds and whatever would have been seriously reduced had Disney moved the announcement date up a couple weeks to give the attendants the big payoff most of them were hoping for. 

3) A whole LAND?  For a single movie?  Not even Star Wars or Indiana Jones has that.  And those are legitimate franchises!  If I were George Lucas, I'd be insulted.

I am baffled on all fronts.

Update: Rikki has a great post that basically encapsulates my view here.

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