Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Practically Perfect Opinion: Why I Don't Like The Little Mermaid

Whoa, okay, I know I'm not going to make friends with this one.  But yet again, Maleficent has taken over me once again and I must rant away.  It's not like anyone reads these posts anyway right? 

I recently watched this movie for the first time in a long time.  I'm not going to lie, I'm not as in love with the 90s Disney movies as everyone else in my generation seems to be.  Yes they're funny and have some good music, but they're also pretty formulaic, a quality which I don't appreciate.  I prefer unique-ness (is that a word? Well, it is now).  I don't know - that series of movies always felt more like products of a big corporate business (Hi Michael Eisner!) and less a set of unique and beautiful jewels like the movies were in Walt's day.   They're not even BAD per se, but they are some of my least favorite entries in the Disney collection.

Anyway, my point for this post is that now that I have seen TLM as an adult, I cannot STAND her.  I'm sorry, but the premise is beyond ridiculous.  Ariel is 16.  16!  She sounds like a bratty, ignorant, short-sighted teenager.  Yes, we were all bratty, ignorant, short-sighted teenagers at some point of course, but I am pretty sure that if my 16-year-old self demanded that my parents send me to Europe because I fell in love with a Russian dude who lives there, they would have chuckled and told me to go back to my AP Chemistry homework.   (And sending a 16 year old to Russia (where my parents could have visited) is LESS ridiculous than what King Triton does which is send his CHILD to a place (dry land) where he cannot walk.)

"But I love him Daddy!"  I am DIZZY from all the eyerolls Ariel's ridiculousness elicited from me.  And I am fully unimpressed with King Triton's overly indulgent parenting skills.  Yes, yes I know it's only a movie.  But I'm not thrilled with the idea that it may send the message to kids that this kind of incredibly selfish behavior is not only acceptable, but admirable.  Plus, it annoys me to the point where I can't muster up even one iota of sympathy for our heroine.  Her whiny, entitled words and actions actually make me actively dislike her.

Okay so you all hate me now (or the Maleficent in me has scared you away).  Sigh.  I really hope you actually don't!  I'm usually nice I promise!  And I like you guys and your comments and love seeing that my posts are being read by someone other than me.  I just don't want to censor myself just to gain more followers and keep the wonderful ones I have.  I gotta be true to who I am, yo!  LOL  Anyways, I think Maleficent is leaving me now.  I can feel her evil spirit draining out of my brain I think.  Back to our regularly scheduled, Disney fan programming.  :)

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