Thursday, August 4, 2011


There has been a Disney blog integrity pledge going around the internet recently.  Integrity in ALL aspects of life is an enormously important value to me.  In blogging and in my personal life, I try my absolute hardest to have integrity and be honest while also being kind. 

I don't hold myself out to be a news source on this blog.  I think there are a ton of other blogs who can put out Disney news far sooner than I ever could.  As I state in the header you see at the top of the page, this is more of a Disney memories/travel journal collection for me.  I love that other people seem to enjoy it and I get a real kick out of reading your comments and attaining new followers. 

Sometimes Maleficent gets a hold of me and I post a Disney-related, opinionated rant that is more in tune with Grumpy's attitude than Happy's worldview.  It is certainly not my intention to offend anyone with those posts and I hope that, even if you disagree with my rants, you smirk and roll your eyes and see them as a periodic outburst from an uptight but amusing curmudgeon (who is presently under 30 but a curmudgeon nonetheless). 

In any event, integrity is important to me, as a person and as a blogger.  I really hope that if you are reading this, you enjoy my blog.  I love Disney, you love Disney.  I love the Disney online community.  I want us all to be friends.  :)

- V

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