Thursday, February 27, 2014

Would You Rather...

Alright.  Normally I'd put this in the upper left corner of the blog.  Riiight about
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But it's too long to fit and SUCH a good question I think it deserves a full blog post.  SO, post your answers in the comments below!!


A) stay in your favorite WDW deluxe resort for free but be prohibited from eating any and all Disney food including counter service, sit downs, snacks, even the popcorn carts and Starbucks.  (You can bring your food, have groceries delivered from off property, or eat off property only.)


B) eat wherever you want on property (any and all WDW food locations including restaurants, counter services, snack carts, etc.) completely for free and without those pesky "free" dining plan restrictions (e.g. you can eat at sit down restaurants five times a day or have seven snacks per day, every day if you wanted to), but you'd have to stay at your least favorite WDW resort the entire trip?

Post in the comments!!


  1. I would choose option B because honestly how much are you in your hotel room? I couldn't experience any Disney resort and not experience their restaurants

    Em x

    1. I am a luxury hotel aficionado, but as much as it would pain me to stay in a value resort, I don't know if I could skip all Disney food on a trip, so I'd have to pick B too! :)