Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kill/Marry/Refurb: Live Performances in the Parks

I'm joining the marvelous Mouse on the Mind for the Kill/Marry/Refurb blog hop!  This week's theme is Live Performances in the Parks!  I assume that for this hop, there must be live actors in the traditional sense (sorry Country Bears); somehow I managed to focus solely on live MUSICAL performances.  I guess that's a bit hard to avoid in Disney.  Here we go!

Marry: Voyage of the Little Mermaid.  This is sheer nostalgia.  I LOVE the dated lasers!  I LOVE the refreshing water curtain!  I remember loving these as a kid.  We've been together for 20 years, VotLM and I, and I don't mind that you are aging and no one else loves you.  I'm ready to walk down that aisle.

Refurb: Finding Nemo - The Musical.  This show is clearly the best one in the park.  It comes the closest to that "Broadway quality" so many Disney fans think they understand.  (P.S. if you think any Disney Park show other than possibly this one approaches Broadway quality, I invite you to join me at an actual Broadway show so you can see the difference).  So why am I refurbing it?  Because the area right outside the show building ALWAYS SMELLS.  It smells of garbage or sewage or something and it's gross.  Can we please fix this?

Torture, then Murder and Bury in a Shallow Grave: Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage.  I seriously cringe every time someone describes this as Broadway quality.  It is barely 7th grade play quality.  Feel free to peruse my scathing review here.  (Let's not even discuss the blanket dancing).

I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Lights, Motors, Action. 

Now hop on to the next stops!

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  1. You're vicious and I love it ... almost as much as I love the fact that FINALLY someone else loves Voyage. :)