Friday, February 21, 2014

Favorite Food Friday: Food and Wine 2012 Dessert Booth!

Welcome back to another Favorite Food Friday hosted by the democratic Disney Day by Day!

This post is going to be a big one.  I am a HUGE sweets person.  And I have very specific opinions of desserts (e.g. anything with fruit in it does not count as dessert, cake >>>> pie, etc.).  So I was very excited to try the offerings at the desserts and champagne booth!
We tried all three of the offerings.  None were particularly mindblowing to me (the chocolate would have been but for the other stuff in it), but they were all sweet and creamy and crunchy and yum.

First up, we have the lemon custard verrine with blueberry compote.  For a "dessert" that is primarily fruit, it was pretty good!  Creamy and sweet and tangy from the lemon.

Next up was probably our least favorite: yogurt panna cotta with orange cake, raspberries and pomegranate.  Again, too much fruit, not enough dessert.  And especially not enough cake!

Next, the one I was most excited for: the dark chocolate mousse (chocolate!  mousse!) with salted caramel (caramel!!!) and....chili (womp womp!).  Without the chili (and the white chocolate garnish - blech!), I would have eaten a large soup bowl worth of this stuff.  But the kick from the chili really ruined the delectable, indulgence of the chocolate and caramel for me. 

We also tried the frozen Nesquik - it was refreshing.  I would have liked it to be more chocolaty, but Nesquik was always going to be a "chocolate-lite" in flavor.  

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  1. Love me some desserts, these all look so good, would have to try the chocolate and caramel along with the Nesquik one, look so good. Thanks for sharing and joining the hop this week!