Thursday, August 2, 2012

BabyCakes Review Part III

Continuing on my BabyCakes NYC eating extravanganza. To catch up on the background and explain why I have SUCH quantities of vegan, everything-free, baked goods, check out the introductory post (with lots of pics!).  And here is Part II of my review.

Still needing a break from the cupcake weirdness, I went for the chocolate chip cookie, "wonder bun," and corn loaf/toastie next.  The cookie was GREAT.  Thin and chewy and chocolatey.  It fell apart even before I heated it up so it wasn't quite photogenic, but still yum.

The corn loaf wasn't officially labled a "toastie" and I may have to go back to try more of the actual toasties (i.e. slices about the same size and shape as the corn loaf) but it was good.  It was definitely on the savory side which was a nice break from the sweets.  Like good, dense, cornbread.  Could've used butter, but it's vegan, I get it.

The morning bun.  This was where my discovery of the odd cupcake taste started to resolve.  It looks great doesn't it?  It is NOT flaky like a cinnamon roll should be.  It is dense.  It is VERY VERY cinnamony.  There is definitely not nearly enough glaze.  And...

it just needed more sweetness!  The cinnamon was too intense.  Had there been more glaze or sweetener to balance it out it could have been incredible.  As it was, I didn't even bother to finish it.  Could it be that the cupcakes just weren't sweet enough and that made the flavors too intense or something?  Further investigation was clearly required....

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