Monday, August 20, 2012

Solo Trip Recap Part Whatever: the Wizarding World of Harry Pottery Section B

My expedition to WWHP began here.  Now we continue . . .

View from my first queue at WWHP

I knew that even though the lines at the main WWHP ride would get very long, the queue was legendary.  And I knew that Ollivanders has a much lower capacity and the queue is outside and not very special, so Ollivanders came first.  I hopped in line and waited maybe 20 minutes.  At last the Universal Park employee let us in to a small, dark room.

The entire room was lined wall to wall, floor to ceiling, with wand boxes.  And by wall to wall, I mean zig-zaggy, haphazard, looks like it would creak if it could move wall.  Like every other part of WWHP, this room was PERFECT.  There was not one sign that you were NOT in the actual Ollivanders.  Amazing.  And then an older gentleman in a robe and wizard hat appeared.  Mr. Ollivander himself.

Remaining completely in character the entire time, he selected two cute little girls in matching robes.  He presented them each with a wand and told them to do various things with the wand they were given (move the staircase, turn on the lights etc.).  When the attempt failed (GREAT special effects here), he would pick out another one.  After a few tries, they found the right wands and were encouraged to purchase them.  ;) 

Then we were all ushered out into a shop where you could buy an enormous selection of really authentic looking souvenirs.  I didn't buy an souvenirs to take home with me, but let me interject here to say that the stores seemed really spectacular - both in themed decor and in merchandise.  Of course everything is crazy expensive and I'm not a merchandise girl but it seemed pretty great if you're into that kind of thing and it was also fun just to wander through the crowds and check out the wares.

But I didn't linger in this particular store at this time because I knew the line at the Forbidden Journey ride was getting longer with each passing minute.  I weaved my way through the crowds (New Yorker here, I'm great at it) and hopped on to the FJ line. . . .

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