Thursday, July 19, 2012

BabyCakes Review Part I

Hey guys!  I'm joining in the Destination Disney blog hop hosted by the hilarious Heidi!  The quote this week is "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."  Well how about some agave syrup in lieu of actual sugar?  lol here is my review of BabyCakes.  So sweet!  :)

So as most Disneyphiles know, BabyCakes is a bakery located in Downtown Disney that specializes in vegan, all-natural, organic, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, dairy-free, whatever-free baked goods.  I have heard my favorite podcasters rave about the various baked goods and I believe Emily, one of the founders, has even appeared on a couple of podcasts in the past!

Did you know, however, that BabyCakes got its start on the Lower East Side of NYC?  So of course, I've been planning on making a trip down there forEVER (sure I live relatively nearby but the LES is a pain to get to from where I am) to try out their goods and get a Disney "fix" without a trip to Orlando. 

Knowing that it would be difficult for me to traipse back and forth multiple times to get a good idea of their menu, I basically just bought one of EVERYTHING, brought it home, and embarrassed myself by eating almost all of it.  Here is my review:

Let's start with something good.  The brownie bites are small (it's the little round brown item in the middle right of the above picture) but YUMMY.  OMG YUM.  Moist and with chocolate chips (or vegan chips, whatever).  I don't know what they're doing but they're doing it right with the brownies.

Okay three cupcakes: I believe they were strawberry/vanilla (think it was labeled vanilla/vanilla but the frosting had a berry flavor to me), strawberry (?) /carrot, and vanilla/red velvet (bottom left, top, bottom right).  Pretty to look at, meh tasting.  I'm not a fan of fruit in my desserts (if you want dessert, HAVE DESSERT.  Nothing healthy allowed), but even the red velvet was disappointing. 

Strawberry (?)/Vanilla:

Raspberry (?)/Carrot: 

Vanilla/Red Velvet:

They  I was trying to pinpoint the exact difference in taste (obviously the cause is the lack of gluten, different sweetener (agave) etc., but what WAS the difference)?  The mystery shall continue in my next post!

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