Thursday, July 26, 2012

BabyCakes Review Part II

Continuing on my BabyCakes NYC eating extravanganza.  To catch up on the background and explain why I have SUCH quantities of vegan, everything-free, baked goods, check out the introductory post (with lots of pics!).

So the mystery continues . . .  we know WHY the cupcakes taste not-bad-but-odd but to define the odd . . . I decided to switch gears for a little bit and go for the donuts.

The donuts were largely an improvement from the cupcakes - they were all cakey-not-flaky donuts.  We (I mean I) started first with the tiny one in the middle - it had berries (cherries?) in the cake and some chocolate frosting on top. It was okay.

I then hit a yellow donut with vanilla/sugar frosting and little crunchies on top.  Very good.  A nice respite from the cupcake weirdness - could it be that the weirdness comes from the frosting (which the donuts lacked) and not the cake (which the donuts shared)?

Next up: a cinnamon sugar donut.  This was a bit lighter than the other ones which was nice.  You can see that the holes don't go all the way through on BabyCakes donuts.  My notes say this was the best one lol.

Then, a monster.  This one was some kind of spice donut but it had chocolate chips in the cake AND apple filling in the hole AND a glaze on top.  It was VERY heavy.  Too heavy for me (although had I not just eaten 3 cupcakes, 2 brownies, and 3 donuts, I probably could have housed it anyway). 

Also, I didn't like the chocolate mixed with the apple and spice (cinnamon? nutmeg?). If it had been raisins I might have felt differently. It also didn't LOOK particularly pretty.

Last but not least, we have BabyCakes's take on a jelly donut.  It had a very light glaze on top and could have had cornmeal in the cake part?  It was GOOD.  I think the jelly part was cherry or cranberry or something.  Much better than the chocolate chip/spice/apple/glaze monster.

So, BabyCakes donuts are a win.  Then WHY are the cupcakes still so weird?  The mystery continues in the next post!

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