Friday, January 20, 2012

Flashback Friday / Disneyland Trip Recap Part 12: DCA

Okay so I'm not flashing back TOO far, but I like to pretend that someone reads my posts that are not Wordless Wednesday posts once in a while, so here we go!  Welcome and flashback with me alll the day to November 2011!!

Phew!  I am tired of writing about my trip!  LOL  This post is going to be mostly photos - lucky you!  I've alread talked about my disappointment with Grizzly River Rapids, but let me show you some of the things I liked about DCA.

My TSM Score.  WHAT. UP.
I had ridden California Screamin' on my kind-of-first, half day trip and I did NOT like it.  The drops were too high.  This time, since I knew what was coming, it was a little better.  It's also my sister's favorite ride so it is unavoidable. 

I rode a lot of the rides I missed the first time - the Monsters, Inc. dark ride was high on my list since we had skipped that entire "land" last time.   I took a ZILLION pictures.  Sorry lol.

I even briefly ran through the sourdough bakery tour (the samples are not that great - standard cafeteria level sourdough pieces.)  It was nice to be able to easily hop back and forth between the parks - that is a MAJOR plus that WDW just cannot offer.

We ate dinner at Ariel's Grotto for the World of Color special "seating".  The food was meh.  Could have also been because I was still full from my fried food bonanza lunch at Cafe Orleans.  I still think it wasn't worth the price, BUT not having to stand outside to save my spot for World of Color was because WORLD OF COLOR WAS AWESOME!!

My sister and I were completely mesmerized by the show.  I mean, I'm not big into shows at Disney parks.  I live right outside Manhattan - I can go see actual Broadway shows whenever I want.  And this didn't even have a story - just colors and water?  SNORE.   But holy cow.  The show was AMAZING.  So gorgeous.  It felt like my eyes were gorging themselves on beauty. 

Can you guess where this is?

I feel like DCA is slowly improving and I can't wait to go back after Carsland opens!

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  1. Wow, what a great trip! Love reading about it! World of Color sounds amazing. Sorry Ariel's Grotto was not least the show was.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to Flashback Friday!

  2. Great trip. Awesome flashback.. Where is that picture from??

    1. Here is a hint: It is intended to recreate a particularly bucolic scene in a specific Disney movie. If you still can't get it, I'll give another hint. ;)