Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kirsten Dunst Goes to Disneyland!


    Did you know I never read magazines on time?  I bet you didn't.  I hoard them and then read them on planes and such, so often I am reading US Weeklies that are months-old.  However, I managed to grab January's Lucky magazine in the actual month of January and happened to notice a little Disneyland reference! 
   On page 84 of Lucky's January issue, Kirsten spills out the contents of her bag to discuss them and she has a celebration button.  The picture shows the basic green "I'm Celebrating" button, but the article says she got the button for her birthday (her friend Molly took her).  Can't tell if that was Lucky's mistake for recreating the photo improperly or Molly's for not getting her the right button.  Either way, gave me a little Disney "fix" today. :)

~ insert Princess-like closing here ~

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