Thursday, January 2, 2014

Favorite Food Friday: Food and Wine China

Welcome back to another Favorite Food Friday hosted by the dramatic Disney Day by Day!

The China booth wasn't bad.  But it wasn't my favorite either. They had a lot of choices, but most were pretty pedestrian.  My sister bit the chicken satay before I could grab a picture!

Inside of the pork potstickers, sans camera focus.  They were your typical Chinese restaurant quality.

The mango tapioca pudding was blah.  I don't care for gel like that.  It's too unnatural for my liking.  

The pot stickers did have a bit of a nice crust on them though.  

My favorite was the steamed bun with Mongolian beef.  I LOVED the texture of the bun and it was just unusual enough for me to feel like I tried something new.  

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  1. I would try it all, but that pudding, that gel looks nuclear :) Thanks for sharing and linking up this week.