Thursday, July 12, 2012

Top 6 Water Features & Destination Disney Blog Hop!

Why top 6?  Because I like the number 6 okay?

Welcome to the first of my Top 6 series!  I am also joining the hospitable Heidi on her Destination Disney Blog Hop.  Her quote for the week is:

"Don't think and don't worry.  If the time comes, you'll know what to do"

Well I worry.  I worry.  All. The. Time.  It's like the main thing I do.  And you know what calms me down?  Peaceful, constant, water features.  So today I am looking at my top 6 water features in Walt Disney World. When I look at them, they help me focus, calmly, and not worry!

Unlike Lou Mongello and the WDW Radio crew, I am going to keep my top 6's to ACTUAL top 6's.  There will be no "go with me here"'s.  I'm following the rules, pure and simple. 

Let's start with water features in Walt Disney World. 

The Parameters:    For the purposes of this series, water features will consist of non-attraction (as herein defined), non-pool watery things.  They are primarily visual in nature.  You do not ride boats on them, you do not swim in them (although you may be splashed by them).  

The Fountain of Nations meets the rules (but does not make the list):

And I am defining attractions very narrowly.  Attractions are not everything that you may enjoy as entertainment (indeed, some of the below listed water features are entertaining and enjoyable).  Attractions are the rides and shows as appear on a park map. 

Pennies in the water of Small World
(which counts as an attraction and therefore does not meet the rules):

Okay are we all set?  Then LET'S GO!

1) The fountains outside the Imagination pavilion.  Ever since I can remember, my sister and I have loved playing with these fountains.  Trying to catch the ones that throw a big drop of water up and down.  Laughing when the other one gets smacked with a chestful of water from the leaping fountains.  I love these guys!

2) The Polynesian lobby's waterfalls.  I feel like these contribute to the smell of the Poly lobby (like the Pirate's smell and the Small World smell - Disney water!) and I love that.

3)  The geyser at Wilderness Lodge.  I dunno why, just cuz.

4) The Singing in the Rain umbrella in Hollywood Studios.  Such a fun little hidden nugget!

5) The Muppet fountain in Hollywood Studios.  I love the whimsy and I love the Muppets!  Miss Piggy is my favorite, naturally.

6) Holes 15-18 of Fantasia Gardens.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this article to see why!  It's been so long since I've been there - I really need to go back!

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