Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spas Moten (Wordless Wednesday)

This was my little sister's journal entry regarding a trip we took when she was 6 (I was 10).  Every year during elementary school, we'd get pulled out of school to go to Disney World during the second or third week of the school year - after we'd have gotten settled in but before anything important happening.

We were good students and ended up at the top #1 and #2 Ivy League colleges so I guess it didn't hurt (and maybe even helped?)!  It was the best because the weather was still warm AND the crowds were extra low.  Anyway, the translation of her entry is below:

"September 21, 1992.  Today my family and I went to see two wonderful parades.  One of them was a light parade.  We also went to Space Mountain.  I will never forget that ride; it was scary."

Focused on the Magic


  1. Ha - great story! What great memories.

  2. Love this!! Such a great memory!! Thanks for sharing and for joining in on the blog hop fun:)

  3. Awwww...what a great item to find. May have to do this with my kids as well :)

  4. I firmly believe that Disney IS higher education!! :D

  5. What a great memory and I love that you and your sister look back on your travel journals. I have had my kids keep journals of their travels from almost the time they could hold a pencil. I hope that when they are older that they will look back at their journals and be reminded of all the amazing places that they have visited.

  6. Love that journal entry.
    We used to take my boys out the same time of year to go to Disney for the same reasons... great weather and no crowds.
    Wish it wasn't such a hastle for todays parents to do the same. It seems they need an act of congress to let their kids miss week of school.
    When did the government decide how to raise our children?
    Glad you still love coming to the most wonderful place on earth. Looks like your Ivy League education paid off.
    P.S. I didn't need your translation, I was able to read it just fine. =)