Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My WDW Bucket List

Heidi's DD Quote this week is that famous quote of Walt's to keep moving forward.  In the spirit of moving forward, I present my post on my WDW bucket list which I just moved forward this month (item 6)!  I also recommend checking out my "to do" lists for both WDW and Disneyland!

We all have them don't we?  The "Things I Must Do Before I Die" list.  My real world Bucket List includes trips to Prague and Australia, but my Disney World Bucket List is by far the more expansive one.  Let's take a look.  Have you done any of these?

1) Although this list is not in any kind of order, this is the TOP PRIORITY.  I desperately desperately want to stay overnight in Cinderella Castle.  I would move mountains for the chance to sleep in the castle suite one night.  Sigh.

2) See the opening ceremonies at all 4 parks.  This one is much more achievable than #1 no?  Although I am a lifetime WDW veteran, my sister is a sleeper-inner so we almost never get to the parks early enough to catch the morning show.  I convinced her to wake up early on our Studios day because I knew she'd LOVE Toy Story Mania (she did).  But the rest of the opening ceremonies I'll have to catch on one of my solo trips.

Morning Show at Studios

3) Catch the WHOLE Kiss Goodnight.  First, I didn't know about it.  Then, I wasn't exactly sure what it was.  So I hung around Main Street and heard the audio.  But I didn't know that the castle apparently has a little light show or something?  Anyway, I want to see the whole shebang at one point.

4) Trips to the other Disney Parks.  I've been in Disneyland briefly but didn't get a really immersive experience.  Fortunately, I'm trying to make that happen by the end of the year.  I've gone to Disneyland Paris but I was a teenager and we only went for 1 day (not even an overnight) so I'd like to go again.  Most importantly, I've never stepped foot in the Asian parks so I really would like to do each of those.

5) A meal at the chef's table at Victoria & Albert's.  I would do it if I could find someone to do it with me!

6) Try to finish a whole Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream.  I've done the No Way Jose and the Milky Way Sundae (the MWS wins hands down, the NWJ ice cream tasted flavorless and low-fat-ish), but I haven't been able to sway any of my usual travel companions to attempt the Sink with me! <-- COMPLETED OCTOBER 2012!!

What's in YOUR Bucket List?  Post in the comments!


  1. Haha! Same here. I've never been to a park opening ever. Not one rope drop for me. While I get up early at WDW, my family is the sleeper-inner types. Great list!

  2. What an awesome list and thanks for tying it in with this week's quote!