Thursday, June 16, 2011

Epcot, My Way

Have you ever wished you could "revise" a Disney Park?  Just take a red pen to it and mark it all up to make it the way YOU want it?  Well that's what we're going to do here, in the first installment of Disney Parks, My Way.  Episode I: Epcot.

The rules of the game are that I am limited to choosing either what is in the park presently OR what has been there in the past.  I am not making up new things to switch in....yet ;)

Future World West

First and foremost, I would raze JII 3.0 and reinstall JII, original flavor in it's full glory.  I would also completely reinstall the original ImageWorks.  As much as I love Captain Eo, I also might switch in Magic Journeys, just for sentimental value.  Perhaps I would alternate the movies.  It shouldn't be too hard to do that right?

In the Land pavilion, I would keep Soarin and Living with the Land, but I would clear out Circle of Life and put Kitchen Kabaret back in there.  The restaurants could stay.

I think I would keep the Seas mostly the same. 

Spaceship Earth would go back to the Jeremy Irons version (although I'd be amenable to the Walker Cronkite version - I don't remember it so I'd have to ride it to compare).

Future World East

Ellen's Energy Adventure could stay, but Mission Space HAS TO GO.  Naturally, Horizons would return.  Even though I don't really remember Horizons, it has to be better than MS no? 

Test Track is a toughie, I do enjoy it but is it better than World of Motion which I don't remember?  Hard to say.  I think we'll keep Test Track but only if they promise to fix the in-car screens and keep them functioning.

Wonders of Life comes back in it's entirety.  Including Body Wars and (squee!) Cranium Command (Where do you think you are? Disney World?) and that quick service area that served delicious low fat cheesecake.  Mmmmmmm.....

World Showcase

So there hasn't be nearly as much change in World Showcase.  I think this will be quick:

Going counterclockwise, I'd remove the obstruction that is La Hacienda de San Angel.  I'm sure it's very nice but it clogs up the walkway and blocks the view for Illuminations.  We can keep if it we make it smaller and open air so it doesn't interrupt the flow.  Also, take the three caballeros out of the Gran Fiesta Tour (although I don't feel super strongly about this and could be convinced to keep them).  But keep La Cava.

Norway should stay exactly as it is now.  China....feh, whatever.  Keep it all.

Germany - remove the stench of sauerkraut, keep the rest (also make the pretzel bread sticks not rock hard, and add more cheese to the spaetzle.  Thanks!)

Italy, the American Adventure, Japan, Morocco and France can all stay the same, but I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date.

The U.K. should bring back the British Invasion and Canada should return to Le Cellier's old menu.

That's it for now.  What would YOU bring back from the past or keep?


  1. Well, thank god you want to keep "La Cava"....lololol! Love the post. What was "Kitchen Kabaret"? Heard of it but don't know it...

  2. Kitchen Kabaret was the earlier, higher quality version of Food Rocks. It had actual animatronics and not just moving cardboard cut outs. There are a whole bunch of videos of it on youtube you should check out! It was super cute and one of the must-sees when I was a child. I loved Miss Yogurt and her pink sparkly hair! :)