Monday, June 27, 2011

Magic Kingdom, My Way

Have you ever wished you could "revise" a Disney Park?  Just take a red pen to it and mark it all up to make it the way YOU want it?  Well that's what we're going to do here, in the first installment of Disney Parks, My Way.  Episode II: Magic Kingdom.

The rules of the game are that I am limited to choosing either what is in the park presently OR what has been there in the past.  I am not making up new things to switch in....yet ;)

Main Street

First, I am bringing all of the shops on Main Street back to their original intent (i.e. not one mammoth shop inside).  I am also undoing the recent refurb of the Confectionery.  I just don't like the new look - it doesn't really blend in and looks too new and too fake (yes I know they are ALL fake, but this new "skin" has no artifice - it's not even pretending to be real (much like Kathy on the Real Housewives of New Jersey (who? exactly.)).  Everything else can stay as is.


The Tiki Room returns to its original state (soon in real life too!).  I am also removing the Magic Carpets of Aladdin in their entirety.  They make the land too crowded and cluttered and, in my opinion, they don't really fit the rest of the decor in the land.  Pirates can stay as is, provided that the newest Blackbeard installation is not permanent. 

I'm also bringing back the Orange Bird just 'cuz I can.


I think I might keep Frontierland as is, in its entirety.

Liberty Square

I haven't tried out the newest version Haunted Mansion yet so I will keep it for now, however I reserve the right to change my mind after my next trip.  :)   (Please see my post about the first-ever discussion of a certain feature in the new queue though.  I'm pretty sure I was the first to discuss it!)

The rest of Lib. Square can stay as is.  Man I am not changing very much am I?  Is this a positive comment on the current state of the parks?


First I am bringing back the Skyway.  Second I am removing Fast Pass from Peter Pan's Flight - this is a prime example of a ride where Fast Pass hurts way more than it helps.  I am also preemptively keeping Snow White's Scary Adventure.  I am also reinstalling the submarines (but the Winnie the Pooh ride can stay where it is).

The rest can stay the same, including the "loss" of Toontown.  I reserve the right to change my mind on any or all of these items once Fantasyland 2.0 opens though!


Okay, first I am removing the Speedway without replacing it with anything.  I know the kids love it but 1) move it to the Test Track pavilion at Epcot, 2) it doesn't match the Tomorrowland theme in ANY way, and 3) it takes up a LOT of space that could be used more effectively.

I am of COURSE removing Stitch's Great Escape.  Although I didn't LOVE its Alien Encounter predecessor (too scary for me!), it could take a little of the crowd pressure off Space Mountain.  Oh, by the way, I'm taking the "interactive" games out of Space Mountain (it slows up the line too much), reinstalling the chocolate chip cookie, and bringing back the TVs that hung in the queue. 

Carousel of Progress can stay but I'm taking out that dated 1990's final scene in favor of the original version (if you're going to have a dated attraction, why not own it's dated-ness and make it retro).

Finally, I am totally bringing back E-ticket nights.  Do you guys remember those?  How AWESOME were they?!  Some of the best nights of my entire life!

What would YOU change?  Post in the comments!

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