Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Test Track Evac Part 2!

Welcome to this week's Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by the fly Focused on the Magic!  I'm continuing my recap of my trip from September 2013.  You can find the earlier posts here and here and here and here.

This week's theme for WWBH is "A Different Perspective" and I am definitely getting a new look at a Disney World attraction here!

As you may recall, when last we left this trip report, I was getting evac'd off Test Track. After a long wait stuck in the vehicle with a cute but VERY chatty 6 year old and his non-responsive dad, we finally were rescued by cast members and began the long trek back to the exit.  On the way, I took the liberty of getting some shots of the ride close up and with the lights on.

Focused on the Magic
Now hop on to the next stop!


  1. That is a great perspective V, love it! I have never, knock on wood, had a ride stop in the middle so this is a new view for me. Pretty cool!

  2. What a scary experience, especially for that child and his dad! Neat pictures though.

    1. Don't worry Megan, the kid was fine. He probably barely noticed because he was too busy talking!

  3. Cool pics, although that is one ride I would not want to be stuck on!!

  4. Wowzas! An evac from Test Track! That is certainly a different perspective!!

    Mine is of Cinderella Castle this week - it's by far my favourite of the thousands of photos I have from around the World! #DisneyWordlessWednesday

  5. Cool perspective V! That would be a different TT experience! I love that you were able to snap a few while navigating an exit and being chatted up!

  6. Such cool photos... Thanks for sharing them, I love seeing a little more 'behind the scenes''!