Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fast Pass to History: Throwback Muppet Thursday!

I'm joining the fabulous Frontierland Station for a little Fastpass to History this week!  Throwback Thursday style!  My mom sent me a bunch of old pictures recently. 

In honor of the Studios' 25th birthday, here is a shot of an extinct attraction from MGM: the Muppets Stage Show.  There were two incarnations of this show according to Muppet Wiki:

"In 1990, the Here Come the Muppets stage show, the first full-fledged Muppet attraction at the parks, premiered at the former Walt Disney Theater in the park's Animation Courtyard. The production featured walk-around characters playing to a vocal track recorded by the Muppet performers. A second stage show, Muppets on Location: Days of Swine and Roses, followed in 1991, and played for three years."  -

I'm not sure which one this was, but I do love me some Miss Piggy!!

Now hop on to the next stops!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is awesome! I don't remember either of these shows, although I would guess I probably saw at least one of them once. I was probably just too young to remember it. Thanks for sharing about these shows with us! Love your photo!