Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Little Mermaid Makeup

Welcome to another Wonderful Wordless Wednesday hosted by Focused On the Magic!

We briefly interrupt my various trip recaps to bring you this "breaking" (couple weeks old) news.  I was in the Sephora in Times Square some weeks ago and happened across a display of the new Little Mermaid make up.

You may know, Ariel is not my favorite, but even I have to admit that this display is kind of gorgeous!

Now hop on to the next stops!

Focused on the Magic
Now hop on to the next stop!


  1. I'd love to see these colors in person!

  2. How beautiful! Did you get to sample any of the cosmetics? I must keep an eye out. ;)

    1. We didn't have time to sample this time around. When they have more princesses out perhaps I'll go back!

  3. That is beautiful! I love browsing in Sephora.

  4. Love the displays. I guess I need to visit Sephora. :)